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O2 is the biggest mobile phone, telco and ICT provider in the Czech Republic and we're proud to have them in our flock of satisfied customers. We created a corporate design for O2 that is representative and progressive and up-to-date at the same time.


New program New website

A website for SmartUp program from O2 supporting projects developed by young people. SmartUp represents a follow-up to Think Big program which have supported hundreds of projects so far.

The game of icons

The foundation of this design is an idea of squares arranged together in a playful, trendy and imaginative fashion.

Responsive web design

A fully-responsive website with a great emphasis on proper UX. A unique web for our biggest client so far. The graphic grid of SmartUp makes the website design a unique piece of our work.


The website being prestigious and grand only the most strict and dilligent approach was taken designing it. The design of the website began with wireframes and clickable prototype made by a UX designer allowing for testing the website regarding navigation logic and userfriendliness. Incorporating wire frames and a clickable prototype into the webdesign process as a most up-to-date tool in the end saved loads of time by capturing errors which would otherwise be revealed only after the graphic design has been finished and highly increased cost of correcting them.

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